Accommodation Leeds

To look at the grandeur of the architecture in the city of Leeds it would be easy to imagine this a place of considerable historic power and wealth. While this is true to a large degree it would be a mistake to think of the city as trading on former glories. This is a place which moves with the times, which combines the traditional appeal of classical arts with a vibrant modern approach to life and leisure. High powered business, finance and law has replaced the traditional industries while an explosion of diverse cultural events and attractions promotes a Yorkshire city on an international stage. Accommodation Leeds can do and like everything else it does it with plenty of choice and no little style.

Millennium Square, as the name suggests, is a modern development but it brings together all the great historic landmarks of the city centre, from the Town Hall and College of Art to the city Museum and Civic Hall. The city centre is not the only place where new life excites old spaces. At the waterfront is the stunning purpose built Royal Armouries Museum, forming the centrepiece of a regenerated Clarence Dock. Accommodation Leeds has in the heart of the city takes on various forms, as likely to provide stylish loft apartments for the visiting executive as a cheap and cheerful bed and breakfast for a short city break. There are hotels too of course to suit every taste and budget.

Leeds is far and away the most urbanised area of Yorkshire but has a surprising level of greenery to complement the impressive cityscape. Roundhay Park in particular epitomises a well loved and well used city park, providing huge areas for walking, picnicking and generally escaping from the big city buzz. It is a park too where the multicultural nature of the city is celebrated through various festivals and events, information on which will be available from most accommodation Leeds has.